Monday, 22 June 2020

David Luiz will always cause you problems - Perry Groves

David Luiz will always cause you problems - Perry Groves

Former Arsenal man Perry Groves believes the club fans will turn their back on Mikel Arteta if David is offered a new contract.

Arsenal has a 12-month option to extend David Luiz's stay at the club but they are yet to take it up as there are still considerations if they need him or not.

With the recent form of the Brazillian especially his errors in their game against Manchester City, many fans are not a fan of the former Chelsea man anyone and they want him out of the club.

Perry Groves also has the same opinion about Luiz and believes if Luiz gets a contract extension, the fans will lose faith in Mikel Arteta.
'He's 33 now and keeps making the same mistakes,' Perry Groves said wile speaking on talkSPORT

'He can play one brilliant game in six where you think what a player he is, pinging it 60, 70 yards, getting in front of the centre-forward and nicking it.

'But then another three or four of those games, he’ll make a ricket or he won't concentrate.'

'If Arteta signs David Luiz, Arteta will come under pressure from Arsenal fans.'

'They will lose faith in Arteta because it’s blatantly obvious that he [Luiz] is always going to cause you problems.'

'Arteta wants to play a back four, he wants to play a high line, he wants to play a pressing game and David Luiz can’t do that.'

Perry Groves also thinks Arsenal needs to have team ethnic in which everyone is contributing. And believe that is the key to getting things done at the club.

'I personally think until they get a team ethic in that club and that means everyone contributing – defenders contributing, midfielders and forwards – that club is going to stand still.'

'There have got to be some huge decisions made by Arteta over senior members of his squad that he’s going to have to get out the door.'

'Even if it makes them a slightly poorer side, he has to make big calls on certain players.'

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