Thursday, 4 June 2020

Camavinga should join Real Madrid if he thinks he can achieve great things there

Camavinga should join Real Madrid if he thinks he can achieve great things there

Mario Melchiot has advised rising Rennes midfielder Eduardo Camavinga to join Spanish Giant Real Madrid if he feels he will achieve great things in the club.

Camavinga is a transfer target for Real Madrid who has been monitoring the young star progress at Rennes and are looking to bring him to the club this summer.

However, Rennes president Nicolas Holveck wants to keep Camavinga in the club for another season and might block the move to Madrid as he is not ready to let the wonder kid go at the moment.

Former Rennes man Mario Melchiot has now spoken on the issue and has advised Camavinga to join Real Madrid now if he thinks he can achieve great things at the club. Mario Melchiot also spoke about how he was criticized when he left Ajax during his playing time as people think it was too early and that he should in Holland.

'When I left Ajax, people said to me it was too early and that I should stay in Holland," Melchiot said while speaking with Goal.

'Let me tell you something, as a player just do what’s right for you and not listen to what people tell you.'

'If you feel like it isn’t the right move, then stay where you are. I think you should always consider your development. The team you go to should make you better and you should make the team better.'

'If those two things don’t add up, then don’t go. That’s the only answer I have for him.'

'He is very young but I have watched him a few times and I like him as a player. He is gifted, he sees things, he is comfortable on the ball and dribbles in the middle of the park very well.'

'The technical level in Ligue 1 is very high and Rennes is obviously a good place for him right now. He is protected.'

'But I don’t know if Rennes can keep hold of him beyond next season. I think he has a lot of fire in him and I expect him to keep progressing. And I think there will soon come a time when he is offered the chance to go to another level.'

'I had the chance to go to Real Madrid when I was 19 but I chose my family over Madrid because they needed me at that time. I took a gamble because Chelsea might not have come two years later.'

'I went all the way to Madrid and saw the team train and everything. They spoke to me, the deal was done and I only needed to sign. My feeling, though, was that I have to do what's right for me.'

'But if Real Madrid feels right to Camavinga, he shouldn't listen to what the critics are saying. Every move in football is a risk, but it is about knowing what you can achieve. If he thinks he can achieve great things at Madrid now, he should go for it.'

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