Monday, 15 June 2020

Arteta has much harder job than Frank Lampard - Fabregas

Arteta has much harder job than Frank Lampard - Fabregas

Former Arsenal and Chelsea player, Cesc Fabregas has praised the appointments of both Frank Lampard and Mikel Arteta.

The two young managers have been something to watch since their appointments at the clubs and many have focused on how they look to transform their clubs.

As Premier League restarts on Wednesday Cesc has now spoken out while speaking with The Guardian and claiming Mikel Arteta has a much harder job to do at Arsenal than Frank Lampard at Chelsea.

'Chelsea took a gamble with Frank because it was only his second year as a main coach and he's done very well,' Fabregas said

'With Mikel it’s a little bit of the same.'

'He’s been with Pep [Guardiola] for three years, and I'm sure he's like a master for any young coach that wants to start being a manager.'

'I think he’s done well [so far] and I'm sure he's brought back some values to the club that was needed.'

'Obviously it's a much harder job than Chelsea in terms of rebuilding the squad, and they are very young, and they had problems because [Arteta] started much further down the line than Chelsea, but I'm positive that they will pick up very soon and that next season could be the one for them.'

Fabregas also spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement going on around the world and feels its right time Football government bodies start giving serious punishment to anyone found guilty of racism.

'In the stadiums, there is ignorance, people insulting you about the colour of your skin; it's stupid,' Fàbregas added

'Unfortunately it's been happening for years and years and it is time to speak up and act. If you have to close the stadiums and hand out bans, we should.'

'They need to go to jail – let them go to jail – but whatever needs to be done has to be done once and for all.'

'There will still be some idiots that will want to be the clowns of the party but if they have to pay a high price for it, they should, because it shouldn’t be allowed any more in sport and in the world.'

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