Thursday, 11 June 2020

Andrew Robertson is a complete player - Fabio Aurelio

Andrew Robertson is a complete player - Fabio Aurelio

Former Liverpool man Fabio Aurelio has praised Andrew Robertson calling the full-back a complete player.

Andrew Robertson has been a key player for Liverpool in the last 3 years and his ability has surprised many as he is a force both supporting the team going forward and also during his duty at the back.

Since the Scotland international joined from Hull City, Liverpool has won three trophies and will likely be winning another this season.

Fabio Aurelio has now praised his ability while speaking with the club official website and revealed how impressed he is with the full-back.

'He's kind of the complete player because physically he's well capable of going forward and going back he defends very well,' Aurelio said

'He's quick, so his one-v-one is good and defensively that's very important in the scheme Klopp plays. He goes forward very easily.'

'One thing that calls my attention is that he's always improving, he's not comfortable in his situation being first choice. You will see that in every game he plays as his last one, so that's courage.'

'The two full-backs of Liverpool right now are unbelievable. We can contest in any kind of way.'

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