Monday, 25 May 2020

‚The message is still to stay safe‘- Pep Guardiola sends a message to football fans

‚The message is still to stay safe‘- Pep Guardiola sends a message to football fans

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has sent messages to football fans even as his team resumes training after months of staying at home.

The Premier League is set to resume again probably next month but probably behind closed doors after the UK Government permitted teams to have close contact training.

Some of the Premier League teams have now returned to training and the fans and now looking forward to the league to resume again. However, Pep Guardiola has sent messages to the fans telling them the players will only return to action when they feel it is safe to do so as the priority is safety.

'All the fans around the world are waiting for football to come back. We want to come back but now the priority is other things,' Pep Guardiola said while speaking with CityTV

'The message is still to stay safe, be careful and when everything is possible we will come back. First I think without [the fans], but hopefully, we come back to a routine.

'But now the most important thing is to follow the instructions. If they say to use a mask, stay at home, social distance - we have to do it. Because there are many, many people in the NHS, who put their own lives at risk to save ours.'

'It’s incredible what they have done, and we have to follow them. Now, we cannot do anything wrong.'

Pep Guardiola also gave an update on the team and how happy they are to be back in training.

'It's nice to come back of course,' Guardiola added

'We follow the rules we have to. This is the most important thing. We don't do anything special.'

'The players are really good. I think they have been looking forward to coming back and training again and do what they like. They came back perfectly.'

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