Saturday, 30 May 2020

Signing Mbappe doesn't sit quite right - Jason McAteer

Signing Mbappe doesn't sit quite right - Jason McAteer

Liverpool man Jason McAteer has another opinion on the club signing Paris Saint-German star man Kylian Mbappe.

Liverpool are looking to strengthen their side in the summer and they have been linked with a couple of young stars from all over the world and PSG man Kylian Mbappe is one of the players the England side is going for if available.

Though it doesn't look as if the deal is likely to happen, because of cost and if the France international will actually fit into a side which is already full of world-class players, however, Mbappe is a world-class player himself and playing in a Liverpool side is definitely one to watch.

Speaking with Stats Perform News, Jason McAteer former Liverpool player believes bringing the French international to Anfield doesn't quite sit right and that the likes of Timo Werner or Jadon Sancho will be a better buy.

'You can't stand still, you need to evolve. From a manager's perspective, always trying to stay two, three moves ahead,' McAteer said

'It's Jurgen's job to visualise what he sees next season, preparing for upcoming seasons.'

'PSG are a unique club, desperate to win the Champions League, put a fantastic squad together, but players want a bigger challenge.

'The Mbappe one for me doesn't sit quite right – a superstar in his own right, but not the right time to come to Liverpool.

'I'm not sure he’s Jurgen's kind of player. At the minute, just not for me.

'I'd rather see Werner or Sancho. We could see him [Mbappe]at Liverpool because he fits for different reasons, but for football, I just don't know that he fits at this current time.'

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