Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Matteo hasn't grow up as a human being yet - Jeremie Aliadiere

Matteo hasn't grow up as a human being yet - Jaremie Aliadiere

Former Arsenal man Jeremie Aliadiere thinks Matteo Guendouzi hasn't grown up as human yet and has a lot to work on if he wants to play under Mikel Arteta.

Jeremie Aliadiere watched Guendouzi coming through Lorient academy when he was at the club and believes the France international has lots of talent to become one of Arsenal's great in the future.

However, he also feels despite Guendouzi developing on the pitch he has failed to develop as human and his unnecessary acts can hinder him from actualizing his full potential if he continues that way. Jeremie Aliadiere revealed this while speaking with Goal.

'Listen, I’m a big fan of the guy,' Aliadiere said

'He’s like my little brother and I always told him that Arsenal would be a very good team for his development as a player and as a human being.'

'He took my advice and came to the club, but I just feel Matteo hasn’t grown up as a human being yet. He’s grown up as a player, he’s matured massively as a player and every year he gets better.'

'But unfortunately as a man, he hasn’t grown and matured as much as I thought he would by joining Arsenal.'

'I think that’s what he’s missing and that’s why he’s not playing as much under Mikel Arteta because Mikel is not really up for that.

'He wants players who are going to do a job for the team and do what they ask him to do. If they are not happy to do that, then he will have someone else do it for him.'

Aliadiere also went ahead to stress why he thinks Matteo Guendouzi needs to mature quickly. And also claim he sees him captaining Arsenal in the future.

'Matteo’s a top player and he’s shown that since he’s been here,' Aliadiere added

'And that’s what I’m saying about him maturing as a human being and needing to grow up.'

'I saw him coming through the academy when I was at Lorient and having confidence and believing in yourself is amazing and I think at that age it’s a massive quality.'

'But I think at some point you have just got to respect and deal with the players and you’ve got to respect your coach.'

'There are arguments that just don’t need to be done. I don’t know exactly what happened in Dubai when he fell out with Mikel, but that is not going to help him if he’s going to keep falling out with his coach or team-mates.'
'It says a lot when you hear Pep Guardiola and he says things like ‘great player, but more than that a great human being.'

'You can be the best player, but if you don’t have the right attitude and right mentality, that will cost you your career. I don’t care how good you are.'

 'I would be gutted for Matteo if he has to be sold or if he doesn’t come into the plans of Mikel because of outside behaviour and not because of what he is doing on the pitch.'

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