Thursday, 28 May 2020

'I feel sorry for Liverpool' - Troy Deeney

'I feel sorry for Liverpool' - Troy Deeney

Watford captain Troy Deeney says the current Premier League season has lost all its integrity and that he feels sorry for Liverpool after the hard work they have done.

Troy Deeney who actually thinks the League shouldn't be resuming because of safety after Premier League teams returned back to training has been receiving some criticism from some fans but the Watford captain is not bothered about it.

Speaking with CNN, Deeney claims the season has lost its integrity and that no matter how it plays out, Liverpool deserves to win the league.

'I believe that when it comes to the integrity of this season anyway, it’s already gone.

'I feel sorry for Liverpool because no matter how it plays out,they deserve to win the league. They deserve to get the trophy'

'But no matter how it plays out, even if we play all the games,it’s still going to be the year spoiled by the pandemic.

'It’s not going to be that year that Liverpool won the league being the best team and, you know, it’s 30 years they haven’t won for.'

'So I do feel sorry for Liverpool and their players and Jordan [Henderson], but in terms of integrity, there’s no way you could say that this is a viable competition.'

'It’s like running a marathon, 20 odd miles, stopping for two months and then sprinting the last bit and going: “Ah, that was a good time that.'

Deeney also revealed some of the messages he and his family got after the said he won't be returning to training because he thinks it's not safe for him and his family.

'I saw some comments in regards to my son, people saying: "I hope your son gets corona". That’s the hard part for me. If you respond to that, people then go: "Ah, we’ve got him" and they keep doing it.'

'In a time where it’s all about mental health and everyone says: "Speak up, speak out, please speak," Danny Rose spoke out … and I spoke out and we just get absolutely hammered and battered for it.'

'So people see that and go: “Woah” and it’s not just us that gets it, the missus gets direct messages and you’ll be walking down the street and people will be like: “Oh, I’m at work, you go back to work.'

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