Friday, 22 May 2020

Didier Drogba teamed up with Jose Mourinho to bring me to Chelsea - Michael Essien

Didier Drogba teamed up with Jose Mourinho to bring me to Chelsea - Michael Essien

Chelsea former player Michael Essien has revealed how he gets to sign for the club when he actually wanted to play for Manchester united.

During Michael Essien's year at Lyon, the Ghanaian international started receiving transfer offers from different clubs in which Manchester United and Chelsea were also among the clubs interested in him.

Speaking with South African reporter Carol Tshabalala, Essien has now revealed how Didier Drogba played a key in bringing him to the club and how Jose Mourinho also convinced him.

'My second year at Lyon, when we finished the season, I came back to start pre-season with them and I came back very happy to start pre-season. That’s when the other teams started coming in like Chelsea and Manchester United,’ Essien said

‘At that point, I’d have loved to have joined United. But I was speaking with Jose every other day and he made It clear, very straight to me, that he wanted me to join Chelsea and there was only Chelsea that could pay the transfer fee at that time.

‘It was not easy but I remember the first time I spoke to Jose. I went to Malouda’s house for a barbeque and then during the barbeque, Drogba called him and he and Drogba started speaking because they are very close and then Drogba asked him, “When you see Michael, whenever you see him, can you tell him Jose wants his number, Jose wants to talk to him?” but then he said, “No, Michael is here, we’re having a barbeque!”.

‘So he gave the phone to me and I started speaking to Drogba and that’s how we started. I passed on my number to him and he passed it on to Jose and that’s when everything started. It was a tough transfer saga.’

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