Friday, 3 April 2020

Footballers shouldn't be criticized if they aren't taking pay-cut- Gary Lineker

Footballers shouldn't be criticized if they aren't taking pay-cut- Gary Lineker

Former Tottenham Hotspurs player and now TV presenter Gary Lineker has backed Premier League footballers following the claim that they are refusing a pay cut. 

Due to the current pandemic around the world, many clubs are probably finding it difficult to pay some of their biggest stars as there has been low income.

So, many are thinking it wise for the players to receive a pay cut in other for the clubs to enough to pay other non-playing staff and also be able to meet other expenses. Just yesterday, Atletico Madrid announced that the entire squad would take a 70 percent pay cut and many are now thinking Premier Lague clubs should follow suit.

Speaking with Sky News, Gary Lineker gives his opinion about the whole scenario claiming the players shouldn't be criticized.

'It's now up to the players how they respond, let's give them a chance to respond, before this hugely judgmental pile-on that we always get nowadays, he said

'Football is always an easy target but where are the big businessmen, where are the CEOs of these enormous companies', what are they doing at the moment?

'Nobody ever seems to care about them but footballers, who do an unbelievable amount of good in the community that never gets reported, who do lots of things to raise awareness during this dreadfully difficult time. So let's wait and see, and see what they do. I'll be the first to criticize them if they do nothing.' 

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