Monday, 20 April 2020

Arsenal can't get back to the top - Paul Merson

Arsenal can't get back to the top - Paul Merson
Former professional footballer and manager Paul Merson has criticized Arsenal claiming the Premier League side can't get back to the top if they don't work on their defence.

The Arsenal legend thinks the squad is simply not good enough and that Mikel Arteta needs to sort things out quickly if they really want to challenge for titles in the future.

Speaking with Sky Sports, Merson stressed that with the current players in Arsenal's squad, even Pep Guardiola can't win anything with them if appointed as manager when asked if he sees Arsenal getting back to the top under Arteta.

'Even If Pep Guardiola was in charge, no. No, I don't at the moment,' he sad

'Arsene Wenger used to say all the time: it's all about the players. It's all about the players and Arsenal's players are not a good  enough team, it's not a good enough squad.'

'I like Arteta, I really do, and I think he'll do better than the last manager. But at the same time to go and challenge for the title? I think they're a million miles off. A million miles. They can't defend.'

Merson was also asked if there is any hope that the club can get back to their best after some promising signs.

'I'm gonna go no, if I'm going, to be honest,' Merson replied

'As I say, I don't know any team that's ever won anything that can't defend.  And if you can't defend, you're not going to win anything.'

'You can't keep having to score three goals every game to try and nick a point or just win a game. So until he tightens that up, they're going to be a million miles off. For me at the moment, no, I think this is going to be a slow, slow journey back for Arsenal.'

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