Tuesday, 10 March 2020

'Manchester United may have turn a corner' - Paul Ince

'Manchester United may have turn a corner' - Paul Ince
Former Manchester United man Paul Ince believes United might have turned a corner considering their performance in recent games.

Ince believes the team is doing well now especially since the signing of Portuguese International Bruno Fernandes who is already looking like their Superhero.

Speaking with Paddy Power, Paul Ince stressed that the most important thing for the club now is to make sure they qualified for the Champions League and also aim to win the Europa League.

'It looks like Man United may have turned a corner, but the most important thing for them is still to make the Champions League,' Ince said.

'Whether that’s in fourth or fifth place, or by winning the Europa League.'

'They shouldn’t just be aiming for one either, they should be aiming for both. It should be – as a team, we can make the top four, AND we can win the Europa – not one or the other.'

'Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has previously chopped and changed his teams, it’s felt like he’s not been sure on who his best starting XI is. But, now, we’re starting to see a bit of consistency and that’s reflected in the performances we’re seeing on the pitch.'

'Tactically, Ole got the Manchester Derby spot on. It was the first time in ages where I can remember enjoying watching United.'

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