Sunday, 1 March 2020

Bayern Munich head coach and Chief Executive reacts to fans awful behaviour

Bayern Munich head coach and Chief Executive reacts to fans awful behaviour

On a day where Bayern Munich players were having a nice time on the pitch and enjoying their football, a stupid and unworthy behaviour by some of Bayern fans took over the afternoon and the game ended on a sad note.

Bayern were 6nil up against Hoffenheim when a cross-section of Bayern fans raised an offensive banner directed towards Hoffenheim president Dietmar Hopp who was in the stadium.

The referee had to stop play as the players and Bayern coach Hansi Flick pleaded with the fans to take down the banner. However, the referee had to choice but to suspend the game and lead the players down the tunnel.

Play was later resumed in the 77 minutes but the players  of Bayern and Hoffenheim decided to just pass the ball between themselves to run down the remaining minutes of the game sending a strong message to the fans.

Bayern head coach and Chief  executive has now reacted to the incident:

Bayern Munich head coach Hansi Flick: 'That has nothing to do with football. It can't continue like this. It's time to act. We need to stand together and cannot condone it.'

' I grew up here and I've known Dietmar Hopp for over 20 years. I'm sorry for him as he's done so much for society. Every single one of these troublemakers probably has someone in their family who has profited from what Dietmar Hopp has done - when it comes to cancer research, for example.'

'We need to stand together and fight these troublemakers, these idiots. It's a dark day for FC Bayern. Both clubs made a very big statement today.'

Bayern chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: 'I'm deeply embarrassed, particularly for Dietmar Hopp. Football reared its ugly head. The moment has come for the whole of German football to stand together. For too long we've turned a blind eye to what's been going on in the stands.'

'After what happened today we need to rethink things and we need to fight it with everything we have. We filmed everything and will come down heavily on our fans and bring them to justice. These people have no place in football stadiums.'

Hoffenheim manager Alfred Schreuder:
'Everyone's incredibly disappointed with what happened. Dietmar Hopp has done so much for the region and for us. We're sad and we feel very sorry for him. The behaviour of the two teams was very good. It's embarrassing when something like that happens. We're not talking about thousands of fans, just a couple. What Dietmar Hopp has done with his career is special. Nobody deserves that.'

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