Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Arsenal Top 5 greatest players of all time

As we know Arsenal is one of the greatest football clubs in England or probably one of the greatest football in the club. 

They are a club with great tradition and mouth-watering memories. Many wonderful and great players as played for the club and today we take a look at 5 of the greatest player that has put on the famous red and white shirt of the club.

We count down from...

5. Tony Adams

Tony Alexander Adams born on the 10th of October 1966 has no introduction to all Arsenal fans as he was considered by the fans themselves as one of the club's greatest players. Tony Adams spent 22 years as a center-back at Arsenal winning four top-flight division titles. 

4. Ian Wright



Ian Wright currently a commentator for BBC Sport and ITV Sport enjoyed success with Arsenal in his 7 years of stay at the club. He won An FA Cup and League Cup. He was also a member of the squad which won the double for the club.

3. Patrick Vieira


Patrick Vieira was the complete midfielder in his days. The now O G C Nice coach was a winner and a leader on the pitch. Vieira inherited the armband from Tony Adams and captained the 2003/04 side to an unbeaten season.

2. Dennis Bergkamp


 Dennis Bergkamp arrived from Inter Milan in a shock £7.5m deal, which briefly made him the most expensive signing by an English club. Along with Arsene Wenger, Bergkamp is the man most commonly credited with transforming the perception of Arsenal. Under his imaginative leadership, “Arsenal” became the home of the most attractive football in the Premier League.
Bergkamp may have been unwilling to fly, but he helped Arsenal soar to new heights. 

And the last but not the least, the man from France. Can you guess?

1. Thierry Henry


This man certainly has no introduction to all football fans. He is the greatest goalscorer in Arsenal's history. But his game was not just about goal, he was an athlete and also an artist on the pitch. His combination of physical and technical gifts made him a living nightmare for defenders. For the Arsenal fans, watching Henry was like a beautiful dream. He even returned to the club for a glorious second spell to enhance his legend.

Do you agree with our list? If you don't, just name a player you think we might have omitted in the comment section.

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