Wednesday, 5 February 2020

We have given the boss a game against Chelsea - Neil Critchley react to Liverpool win against Shrewsbury

We have given the boss a game against Chelsea - Neil Critchley react to Liverpool win against Shrewsbury

Neil Critchley Liverpool's manager of the night in their second leg tie against Shrewsbury is happy to have helped secure a mouth-watering fifth round encounter against Chelsea.

Jürgen Klopp was true to words that he wouldn't field any of the first team players in the second leg of their tie against Shrewsbury on Tuesday.

Neil Critchley was given the opportunity to prepare and pick the team ahead of the Tuesday clash.

The B-Team was selected and they overcame Shrewsbury thanks to an own goal by a Shrewsbury player.

Neil Critchley has now praised the performance of the boys and how they took the game.

'From the first whistle, the maturity the boys showed to play that game was remarkable. They calmed me on the sidelines. We're the deserved winners on the night," Critchley said.'

'We don't want this to be a defining moment of their careers. We want this to be a taste to whet their appetites. They want more of it. It gives them the belief and confidence in the work they do on a daily basis that people don't see until a night like this.'

'The boss was in touch this afternoon with some words of wisdom. I've not checked my phone yet but he's buzzing and we've given him a game against Chelsea.'

'That was the message we gave the boys, play well tonight and they could get that chance and Chelsea away is a great game.'

'We played like a Liverpool team and I am so proud of them. They've made a step forward. I was really pleased with how we stood up to the physicality of the game. We did things outstandingly well. It was much better than the Aston Villa game.'

'Jurgen gives you clarity and belief. Play the Liverpool way! This is us, this is what we do, what we stand for, what we believe in and you better be ready for it. From the first minute, I think we did that.'

Neil Critchley also praised James Milner who was available to motivate the boys during training and during the game while the rest of the first-team squad were on winter break.

'James Milner trained with us yesterday and asked if he could come along,' Critchley revealed.

'He was very respectful to ask, he asked if he could come in the dressing room. Of course! He's achieved so much in the game.'

'He was giving words of advice to the players, he was vocal in the dressing room. I can't thank him enough. He's not available yet but he was certainly jumping up and down behind me, itching to get back.' 

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