Thursday, 20 February 2020

We gave our all - Julian Nagelsmann on his side win over Tottenham

We gave our all - Julian Nagelsmann on his side win over Tottenham

RB Leipzig manager Julian Nagelsmann has praised his side performance against Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday.

The Bundesliga side ran away with a 1nil win in a tough encounter at the Tottenham stadium.

Speaking after the game, the manager explained his team should have scored more goals owning to the fact that they controlled the game so well and were brilliant in front of goal.

'I think it was tricky in the end because we didn't score the second goal,' he said.

'In the game, over the 90 minutes, in the first half, we controlled the game bar one chance from Bergwijn. We had a lot of good possession and we played in a very mature way in the first half.'

'We really should have taken the lead in the first five minutes. Young teams become impatient and think you have to score a goal away in the first leg of the Champions League tie but they weren't like that. They were more patient and defended well against Tottenham's counter-attacking game.

'I think Klostermann had a very good game and I think the players performed well.'

'In the second half, we controlled the game up until the 75th minute. We should have scored again, with two or three really good attacks. Then it's normal.'

'Tottenham have Lamela and we are a bit tired and we ended up with one goal. It was exciting, we gave our all, Peter made a couple of good saves but they were from efforts 25 meters out. In the end, we defended well at a corner.

'Over the 90 minutes we deserved the win – and we could have won by more.' 

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