Thursday, 6 February 2020

Liverpool can win the trophy at Gooodison Park - Steve McManaman

Liverpool can win the trophy at Gooodison Park - Steve McManaman

Former Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Manchester City player Steve McManaman have described Liverpool as phenomenal claiming they could win the trophy at the home of their biggest rival.

Steve McManaman thinks what the club is during is really incredible and that they deserve to be celebrated and praised.

Speaking on the former Liverpool man said: 'What Liverpool are doing this season in the Premier League is phenomenal - the best ever.'

'However, until they win more trophies, they're not going to be considered a great team. When they retain a little or cup, that's when they go into the realms of a great team.'

'Last year there were a few detractors saying they didn't want Liverpool to win and a few people moaning, but I don't think anybody can have any gripes about anything this year, they've just waltzed away with it.'

'The fact that they can win the Premier League in March is absolutely astonishing. They can even win it at Goodison Park, which would be even more galling for the Everton fans if that were to happen, but that's dependent on whether Manchester City drop points before then too.'

'To rack up 100 points out of 102 is phenomenal, and I don't care what league, you're in, even in dominant leagues that's just unheard of nowadays.'

'We  all like to see competition, but we are all eulogized when Manchester City got 100 points and nobody begrudged them because they were incredibly good.'

'Likewise, if Liverpool runs away with it this year then they can't knock it, it's just an incredible performance.'

Liverpool has three more Premier League games to play before they face Everton on the 16th of March. Winning all four games simply means they have hands already on the title.

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