Friday, 7 February 2020

'Barcelona is a club of clowns' - Christophe Dugarry slams his former club

Barcelona is a club of clowns - Christophe Dugarry, it's a club of clowns

Former Barcelona man Christophe Dugarry has criticized the club describing it has a club of clowns.

Christophe Dugarry is not happy with the people in charge and thinks they really don't know what they are doing.

Christophe Dugarry is not happy with the transfer policy of the club and reveals he sees no reason they buy a player and sells them after one or two seasons.

Barcelona who just recently crashed out of the Copa del Rey just this week had to call their Sporting director Eric Abidal to a meeting after he was criticized by some of the players following his comment in an interview.

Speaking on RMC Sports, Christophe Dugary, blasted the club claiming they have a very bad image.

'It's a club of clowns. Everything is done backward,' Dugarry said

"They buy [Philippe] Coutinho, Dembele, they buy guys and then sell them. You get the impression there is no project in this club.

"At every transfer window, there is a problem. They've recruited very badly since the departures of Xavi and [Andres] Iniesta. They've spent loads.

"And above all, they have a very bad image. There are far too many people who do not have the elegance, the class that there should be at a club of this standing.

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