Tuesday, 25 February 2020

'All our goals were strange, but we have to squeeze it' - Jürgen Klopp

'All our goals were strange, but we had to squeeze it' - Jürgen Klopp

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has commented on his side hard-fought win against West Ham on Monday night.

Though Liverpool drew the first blood through Wijnaldum header, however, West Ham replied with two goals meaning Liverpool had to go through the hard way to get a win.

However, the hard way wasn't needed as West Ham goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski already had an early Easter gift package for the Champions League winner.

The goalkeeper allowed Mo Salah shot to go through his leg and later in the 81st minute, he was also out of position as Sadio Mane grab the winner.

Speaking after the game with Sky Sports, Jürgen Klopp admitted the goals were strange but however, he thinks sometimes it has to be squeezed in.

'I really liked how we started. We scored a wonderful first goal, but then we weren't good in second-ball situations,' Klopp said

'We struggled in this situation and that gave West Ham a good feeling.'

'They could win the second ball from the goal-kicks and for us that was difficult. We lost a little bit of patience in the first half in the things we did, offensively you could see this a little bit.'

'They scored the second goal and I have to watch back how that happened.'

'After that, we were forced to stay calm and do the right stuff and I think all the goals we scored were a little bit strange – the best goal we scored didn't count! That was exactly the kind of football we wanted to play but in the end, obviously, Sadio is slightly offside.'

'All the goals we scored were strange. The best one we scored didn't count because Sadio was offside. But you have to squeeze it, and that's what we did tonight to get the three points. It is so special.'

'The set-pieces brought us back tonight, getting the momentum back again – because we had a couple, one after another,' Klopp added

'You need to have different ways.'

'There were so many things we could do better but to reach this number of games, you cannot be brilliant all the time. We just try to make the best of what we have.

"I am pleased with the attitude we showed. The crosses were a bit too hard from Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold but we had super situations, so all okay.'

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