Saturday, 8 February 2020

All I ask for his protection - Wilfried Zaha

All I ask for his protection - Wilfried Zaha
Crystal Palace star man Wilfried Zaha thinks he is not getting enough protection from the referees during games.

The Ivory Coast International reveals he always gets lots of cut on his legs after games due to kicks from the opponent player.

However, Zaha is not ready to change the way he plays or stop dribbling but reveals all he wants is more protection from the referees.

'It’s definitely frustrating and obviously, I’m sure everyone’s seen me have a go at the refs.'

'I end up losing my head and arguing with the refs for the whole time because I feel like you’re the only one who can protect me, really.'

'There’s nothing I can really do about it. Obviously, everyone knows the type of player I am, I’m not going to stop dribbling.'

'Only the officials can protect me on the pitch.

'All I want to do is play football for as long as possible because I may seem like I’m always moaning about the kicks I get, but only me, my team and my doctors see the cuts at the end of the game.

'So I’m not here to rant about getting kicked because of the way I play, it’s going to happen. But all I ask for is protection.'

Zaha was asked if he gets enough protection from the referee and this was his reply.

'That’s up to them, really,' he replied

'I’m not really fussed about what everyone’s saying. It’s up to the officials to officiate the games.'

'All I want to do is play my game and be able to play it for as long as possible.'

'It was the season before where I got the longest injuries I ever had before and that was me doing both of my knees.'

'I don’t want to be sidelined for ages like that because it’s not good for my career. I’ll just let them officiate the game and I’ll do what I have to do.'

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