Saturday, 4 January 2020

What Chelsea has is a group consistency problem - Jody Morris

What Chelsea has is a group consistency problem - Jody Morris, Chelsea must be consistent

Chelsea's assistant coach Jody Morris has indicated that what is side has is a ground consistency problem and not that the young lads are not giving their best.

Chelsea's biggest problem so far this season has been consistency, the young side is known to win a game and then lose the next one.

Jody Morris has, however, identify the problem and has also urged the young side to be ruthless and try to score more goals and also play with freedom upfront.

'There are moments in games  where maybe we would like some of them to be a bit more nasty but we've certainly proved we can be like that,' He said

'When you've got a young, there's a tendency for the odd slip of form or the consistency levels can go up and down a little bit more than with experienced players.'

'But I have to say I don't think that's been the case.'

'I think it's been a group consistency problem.'

'I don't think it's been just the young players and it hasn't been just the more experienced players.'

'Sometimes you can get away with having two or three in the group who are maybe a little inconsistent and other people are performing at a high level.'

'But for us, it is more than just two or three and it's  not just the young lads.'

'There needs to be ruthlessness to your game and you need to be clinical.'

'We've gone into games and out-fought teams and worked harder.'

'The relentlessness of our work rate has been good most of the time but you do need that little bit of quality.'

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