Wednesday, 1 January 2020

We need to pray - Pep Guardiola

We need to pray - Pep Guardiola, prayer is the key - pep guardiola

Manchester City boss Pepe Guardiola has revealed his side we need to revert to pray if they want to get closer to Liverpool in the title race.

 Manchester City are 13 points behind Liverpool in the title race and the World Champions also have a game in hand.

City won the League last season but it is also looking like it is slipping out of their hand already. However, Pep Guardiola thinks they can still catch up with Liverpool if they can work harder, play better and pray.

Asked about what his side need to if they want to catch up with Liverpool: 'Work harder, play better, and pray,' Guardiola said

'We can always do what we can do. But there are other issues we cannot control.'

'We cannot control what a fantastic team like Liverpool have done so far, and there other issues we cannot control.'

Guardiola was later asked if he was referring to the VAR as the other issue his side cannot control. Guardiola responds was: 'You know that.'

Guardiola also spoke about his team and how they have had problems with injuries.

'I love my team, we have had problems with injuries,' Guardiola added

'Liverpool are incredible, they are champions of Europe and have dropped two points, so we must congratulate them.'

'The distance between us is not as it should be, but it is what it is.'

Manchester City takes on Everton later today.

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