Saturday, 11 January 2020

We are not blessed like Arsenal, but we are happy with what we have - Roy Hodgson throws shade on Arsenal

We are not blessed like Arsenal, but we are happy with what we have - Roy Hodgson throws shade on Arsenal, Arsenal again

Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson as threw shade on Arsenal claiming the London side have spent hundreds of millions on strikers and players.

Crystal Palace fought back from one goal down to draw Arsenal earlier today after the London side had an early lead through their captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The London side also had their captain Aubameyang sent off after he made a horror tackle on Max Meyer. The game became harder for Arsenal as Crystal palace kept pressing and pressing until the final whistle.

Speaking with Talksport after the game, Roy Hodgson revealed he was happy with his side performance and claim his boys really showed Arsenal who was better.

'Well, we aren't blessed  with as many strikers  or players that have cost hundreds of millions that Arsenal have, we work with what we have,' Roy Hodgson said

'As a result, sometimes we can't reproduce the same sort of quality of Aubameyang for his goal, but I thought today we asked enough questions of the Arsenal defence and we certainly defend extremely well.'

'And the fact is we're 29 points from 23 games now, which is an incredible return, so I'm not going to be the one who complains that we don't score enough goals, I'm more interested about how many points we're getting.'

'To get 29 points from 23 games is an outstanding return, particularly without eight regular first-team players.'

'I'd like to see how many other teams could lose eight starters for their first-team and still get results against Arsenal.'

Roy Hodgson also spoke about Aubameyang's challenge on Max Mayer and claim he knew at the time that it was severe.

'I knew  at the time it was a severe challenge and I'm not accusing Aubameyang of wanting deliberately to do that, but it was a bad challenge, a forward's challenge,' Hodgson added

'He's had his ankle bent almost in half, a 90-degree angle.'

'The only thing surprised me is it took them so long to decide it was a red card because I don't think I've seen s challenge which was more obviously a red card that in a long, long time.'

'He's lying on the bench and he's having the injury assessed. I've got to say  seeing it back on the video it does bother me, seeing how his ankle was bent. I', worried about ligament damage.'

'But he himself is making the right noises, so now we'll just have to wait until Monday to see if he is OK.'

'We can ill afford to lose any more players, there's no doubt about that.'

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