Friday, 24 January 2020

Mourinho didn't get the players he wanted - Romelu Lukaku

Mourinho didn't get the players he wanted - Romelu Lukaku

Former Manchester United man Romelu Lukaku has revealed why Jose Mourinho'ss time at Manchester United wasn't successful.

The new Inter Milan player while speaking and discussing with Sky Sports over the best manager he has worked with listed some familiar faces and also went ahead to reveal what happened to Jose Mourinho at  Manchester United.

The Belgium International has Roberto Martinez, Ronald Koeman, current coach Antonio Conte and not to forget his first coach from Anderlecht Ariel Jacobs in his list.

While speaking, he said: 'I think Roberto Martinez, Ronald Koeman and now Antonio Conte. I think Jose Mourinho - if he would have had the players that he wanted, he would have done better than what we did.'

'Steve Clarke, massive mention to him, because he gave me the opportunity to play in the Premier League aged 19.'

'And obviously, my first coach at Anderlecht, Ariel Jacobs, who gave me the chance when I'd barely turned 16. He called me from school, they called me like, 'Yo, you have to come with the first team', and he played me straight away.'

'Those are the coaches that forever I will respect them.'

'At the end of the day, I'm always an open-minded guy and at the end of the day, as a footballer, you have to do what your manager asks.'

'I've never had any problem with any manager I've had - it shows my professionalism and my willingness to work.'

Lukaku also reveals when he made up his mind to leave Manchester United and how last year was difficult for him at the club.

'Last year was difficult for me on the professional side, because stuff was not going how I wanted and I was not performing as well.'

'So I had to find it within myself what was lacking and came to the conclusion that it was time for me to change environment.'

'I made my decision around March, and I went to the manager's office and told him it was time for me to find something else.'

'I wasn't performing and I wasn't playing. I think it was better for both sides to go separate ways. I think I made the right decision.'

'Manchester United has made space for the younger players to come through so I think it was a win-win situation for both of us.' 

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