Wednesday, 8 January 2020

'Monster' Messi deserves a trophy with the national team - Sorin

'Monster' Messi deserve a trophy with the national team - Sorin, Moster Messi

Pablo Sorin 'Ex-Argentina International' has described Barcelona star, Messi, as a monster and thinks he deserves to win something with the national team.

Sorin who had a chance of playing briefly with Messi before his retirement stated that the Argentine captain deserves a lot and that he is incomparable.

Speaking with Ole, the retired Argentine International went all out praising Messi and his ability.

Luckily we played together," Sorin said

'He is an alien, there is no way [to stop him].'

'You saw the goal he made against [Athletic] Bilbao in the final of the Copa del Rey almost as a right-winger - a monster! I have serious pride in having shared his first times in the national team.'

'Messi assumed this reconstruction of the national team from a leading place and not wanting to break anything in there. Then he also understood, as it happens to all of us when we grow up, what is the weight of his voice.'

'I hope we get a result in a major tournament with him. Maybe we deserved it a lot, but his struggle, having left so many things and past so many situations...

'I think that not only Argentines want it but the fans of the world expect him to also win something big with Argentina.'

Sorin also went ahead to describe Messi's skills and consistency as 'Crazy' and that the Barcelona captain always plays as if he owns the ball.

'It's like he owns the ball, he has it and he knows that he will do the most difficult thing, that he will be decisive every time he touches it,' Sorin added

'And when he realized that, he assumed that responsibility according to his personality. Without having to shout it, without going out to make strong statements.'

'Knowing and feeling decisive in whatever shirt is a difficult responsibility. But the most difficult thing is maintaining that level of genius and being the best for so many years - it's a crazy thing!'

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