Monday, 27 January 2020

Mikel Arteta already has a plan on how to help Mustafi stop making mistakes.

Mikel Arteta already have a plan on how to help Mustafi stop making mistakes.

Arteta manager Mikel Arteta has revealed he has plans on how to help Mustafi stop making mistakes during games.

Mustafi is already popular for always making mistakes and taking bad decisions during games and some Arsenal supporters are already tired of the defender.

Arteta who is also looking to add strength to his defence by bringing in Pablo Mari as however backed the defender and claim it's okay to make mistakes.

Asked in an interview if he still has Mustafi in his plans, the former City coach said: ‘When he is my player and when he is training with me the way he does every day, of course.'

'The plans maybe in the summer were different with him. I came here, he is here and his attitude is always right and he wants to help.'

'Yes he made a mistake, but it’s OK. I like more the reaction and I look more at the reaction.'

'I don’t believe that at 27 you cannot improve certain aspects of the game; I really believe you can.'

'I work with players like this and I have team-mates like this and there is always a moment where there is a click.'

'I can accept a mistake, no problem. What I’m not going to accept is somebody makes a mistake and after he stops playing, and he doesn’t want the ball and doesn’t want to make decisions. That player is not acceptable for our team.'

'But Musti after that [mistake], he tried to play every single time, he went for every single challenge and put his body on the line. He was down afterward but he reacted and if he does that, he will overcome the situation.'

'I ask him to play the way we want to play. He makes a mistake, another day it will be someone else. Obviously, we want to minimize that as quick as possible and find the reason why that happens, but I like his reaction after that.'

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