Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Mbappe and Icardi partnership a good mix - Thomas Tuchel

Mbappe and Icardi partnership a good mix - Thomas Tuchel, Mbappe and Icardi

PSG Manager Thomas Tuchel had compared Kylian Mbappe and Mauro Icardi's partnership with that of Falcao and Mbappe.

The two stars have enjoyed really playing together and one could tell they are having fun with the way they play.

Mbappe has scored 19 times this season while his partner in scoring has got 17 goals.

Speaking ahead of their game against Monaco later today, Tuchel has now praised the pair and also compared their partnership with that of Rademel Falcao and Mbappe.

'Yes, it's a bit similar because Falcao is kind of similar to Mauro, he really likes to play as number nine, and he can play alone," Tuchel said

'Kylian moves more, he moves fast on the wings. It's a good combination, it's good for both of them, they like to play together and they are dangerous together.

'It's good because we always have two players in the last third and it's hard to defend against. It's a good mix.'

Tuchel also went ahead speaking about how sleep and enough rest is important for the players during this time and how the tight schedule is likely to affect their performance.

'It's bad for the players, they're dead! They never sleep,' he added

'We always have to manage when we train and when we let them sleep because sleeping well is the best thing to recover. It's been proven.'

'But we never sleep. We lose the rhythm. If we do it once, okay, but if we do it four times during two weeks, we go to bed at 3am, 4am, 5am. It's tough.'

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