Monday, 20 January 2020

Manchester United not good enough for Champions League spot - Alan Shearer

Manchester United not good enough for Champions League spot - Alan Shearer, Liverpool defeats Manchester United, Manchester United not good enough

Newcastle legend Alan Shearer has claimed Manchester United are not good enough for a Champions League spot after their display against Liverpool on Sunday.

Alan Shearer wasn't happy with the way United played and think Liverpool were the superior side during the encounter.

Speaking after the game the Premier League hero went ahead to analyze the game.

'Even if Marcus Rashford had been fit for yesterday’s clash at Anfield, they wouldn’t have beaten Jurgen Klopp’s runaway leaders, ' He said

'Rashford might have made it a bit more difficult for Liverpool.'

'But let’s be honest, if Liverpool had been having one of their clinical days they could have been five up in an hour.'

'They should have been out of sight because they missed that many chances.'

'United are lacking the quality to get into a Champions League place unless they make some moves in the January transfer window.'

'Anthony Martial may have missed a sitter to make it 1-1, but as soon as he did that I thought ‘that is it’.'

'Then Mo Salah deservedly got that second one on the break right at the death.'

'I don’t think anyone can argue that Liverpool were not far superior, that wasn’t a surprise in the slightest.'

'United dug in but they are so obviously lacking quality in terms of where they want to be.'

'They are going to have to sit and be patient and hope to improve after every transfer window, which is going to take a while. Their fans are going to have to sit and suffer.'

'It was always a big gamble going into the season with Rashford, Martial and Mason Greenwood as the only recognized strikers.'

'I said right from the off that letting Romelu Lukaku go and not replacing him was a massive mistake.'

'They needed a forward in, whether Rashford was carrying an injury or not. They are desperate for one now and where do you find a top-quality one in the January transfer window? Erling Haaland seemed the only one and they missed out on him.'

'As well as their problems in attack, their zonal marking system was badly exposed again yesterday at Anfield for the first goal. Brandon Williams was chosen to block Virgil van Dijk and didn’t do it.'

'What a mismatch! Van Dijk is 6ft 4in, Williams 5ft 7in - with Van Dijk probably weighing a good 20kg more than the youngster, much of it muscle.'

'Van Dijk is so big and strong, once he has got a run on him Williams had absolutely no chance of stopping him.'

'This title race is going to be over in March. Liverpool have picked up another three points this weekend while all their rivals - if you can still call them that - have faltered.'

'You have to worry what pundits like me are going to be talking about in the last couple of months of the season!

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