Monday, 13 January 2020

It takes away the joy of scoring - Choudhury blasts VAR

VAR kills player joy, It takes away the joy of scoring - Choudhury blasts VAR, VAR worked against Leicester City

Leicester City Midfielder Hamza Choudhury has blasted VAR claiming the TECH is taking joy away from football.

One could say VAR totally worked against Leicester City on Saturday after the Tech ruled out three goals scored by Jamie Vardy, Kelechi Iheanacho and Jonny Evans.

Leicester City plays were not at all happy with the decisions and their fans even started singing 'It's not football anymore' after seeing all their effort ruled out.

Hamza Choudhury has now let out his feelings and claims the joy of scoring has been taken away by VAR.

'I don't think many players like it because it takes away the emotions,' He said

'You see Jonny Evans score a dramatic equalizer in the 89th minute and he's scared to celebrate!

VAR checking goal, VAR

 'Surely that takes the joy of scoring out of football.'

'Danny Ings scores and celebrates by taking his shirt off.'

'Imagine if that gets called back for a VAR check and it doesn't count - it takes that joyous side of things away.'

'A few of the boys have spoken about VAR and we all agreed we don't enjoy it.'

'There were a few big VAR decisions in the second half and people are going down yet there is only five minutes added on at the end of the game, which is also confusing.'

'There's so much confusion about how VAR works but sometimes it goes for you and sometimes it goes against you.'

'In other words, it is what it is and we'll just have to get on with it.'

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