Sunday, 12 January 2020

It needs to be changed - David Moyes is not happy with crazy handball law

It needs to be changed - David Moyes is not happy with crazy handball law, the hnadball law, the handball law needs to be changed, crazy handball law West Ham manager David Moyes has called on IFAB to change the handball law in their next meeting as he thinks the law is crazy and no one is happy with it.

West Ham had their equaliser ruled out on Friday after VAR claimed Declan Rice handed the ball in the build-up to the goal.

David Moyes who was asked after the game about if IFAB should discuss changing the law answered by labeling the law crazy and claim he thinks the law should be changed.

'I think they should,' David Moyes said, answering the question

'We need to try and get them to change this ruling.'

'We aren't comfortable with it and at the moment there is a big campaign to try and change this ruling.'

'There are lots of things we are not comfortable with. There is part of it where it can hit another defender's arm and it won't be a penalty.'

'I could argue it wasn't even in the same phase. Declan broke through, then it hit his arm. He went on again, then there were three defenders behind the ball.'

'We've been very unlucky. We warranted a goal.'

'I'd be surprised if there weren't people in IFAB that weren't ex-managers or ex-players but it looks it is a law that nobody is really enjoying that much.'

Declan Rice was also not happy with the situation and the disallowed goal and tweeted his disappointment after the game on twitter.

He wrote: 'He's headed the ball on to my arm?! Where am I supposed to put it if I'm in a running motion?

'Really don't get it - gutted.'

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