Thursday, 16 January 2020

I would help Ronaldo win his sixth Balon d'or - Maurizio Sarri

I would help Ronaldo win his sixth Balon d'or - Sarri, Ronaldo to win his sixth Balon d'Or under Sarri

Juventus manager Maurizio Sarri has revealed he will help Cristiano Ronaldo wins his sixth Balon D'or.

Ronaldo who has already won five Balon d'Or is only one behind Barcelona man Lionel Messi who has won six.

Sarri has however assured the Portuguese international who didn't play in the 4 nil win against Udinese on Wednesday that he is determined to help him win his sixth Balon d'Or so he matches Messi.

Speaking with reporters after the game on Wednesday, Sarri said: 'I would like to help Cristiano win the sixth Ballon d'Or first,'

'It's really annoying thinking that someone won more [Ballons d'Or] than him. I think about him and I think helping him, it is my goal and the goal of the team. It is right for him.'

'Dybala is going to be one of the contenders in the next years. I think so,' Sarri added

Sarri also went ahead to Praise Dybala who captained the team and also got two goals and an assist in the win against Udinese.

'Dybala is a top player. As every top player when they are becoming confident and having the right age, they are playing like a top player.'

'I don't think a manager can teach something to a top player. Dybala is going to leave a mark in the world and European football in the next years. He has got the right age to leave a mark and he's still got many years of his career. He is really confident in this moment after a few difficulties in the past.'

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