Friday, 24 January 2020

I will retire at 40 - Chicharito

I will retire at 40 - Chicharito, Chucharito joins LA Galaxy

LA Galaxy New signing Javier Hernandez has rubbished the talk of him retiring soon.

The former Manchester United and Sevilla man claim people actually misunderstood him when he first talked about retirement.

Javier Hernandez signed a 3-and-a-half-year with the USA side and there is an option for a fourth year.

Chicharito has now stressed he could play more for several years and that he is looking to retire at 40.

'It's so simple. I think all over the world, but [especially] in my country we love and we are like obsessed with drama and excess," Hernandez said.

'And so when you say 'retirement' it's like 'oh, tomorrow he's going to announce retirement'. They didn't really listen too to what I said, 'the beginning of the retirement.' The retirement could last 10 years, you never know. Hopefully, the beginning is going to last so long and I will retire at 40 in Australia.'

' I signed for three years plus an additional one, hopefully, there are four years and each year brings a title.'

Javier Hernandez also spoke about how he was in doubt whether to retire at Chivas and how he ended up joining Manchester United.

'To go from doubting whether to retire at Chivas, to playing at Manchester United within a year and a half,' he added

'To go through the retirement of Alex Ferguson, who most of humanity, and myself, thought would never retire from Manchester United. He retired when I was there. And I scored the last goal of his era.'

'There were people who didn't play me and let me express myself as I would've liked, but it's part of football.'

'I come back [to North America] as a Mexican football legend, as much as some may be bothered by that. I've been playing in this country since I was 16 years old.'

 ' I've won a lot of games here, and I've been treated with a lot of value and respect. I want that, and it's coming from the best club in the USA. They came to get me, and that speaks of what they think of me.'

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