Thursday, 23 January 2020

'I did not like the team' - Setien not pleased with Barca win

'I did not like the team' - Setien not pleased with Barca win, Setien

Barcelona's new Coach Setien wasn't really happy with his side win over Ibiza on Wednesday.

The Spanish side was given a scare by Ibiza and it only took a late double by Antoine Griezmann to save the day for the Spanish giant after they struggled throughout the game.

Speaking with reporters after the game, Setien reveals he didn't like the team and the way they struggled throughout the game.

'I did not like the team. I would have preferred things another way,' he said

'But in a stadium like this, it is harder. They were aggressive and intense in defence. It has not been easy.'

'I would have loved for us to have been more precise and to have played better. But from here we will take away conclusions for the future.'

'It is when you do things badly that you can improve.'

Setien also praised the Segunda Division B side claiming they played a great game and that they made things difficult for his side.

'I give Ibiza a lot of credit, they played a great game. It was not easy for us,' he added.

'It was very tough. They also went a goal ahead, which makes things harder.'

'The first thing we are doing is seeing the players in different positions. [Fati] has a lot of talent. We will see how he progresses. He will get more starting time as long as he keeps developing.' 

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