Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Chelsea conversion rate is one of the worst in the league - Frank Lampard

Chelsea conversion rate is one of the worst in the league - Frank Lampard, Chelsea versus Arsenal, London derby

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard is not happy with the result of the London Derby as his side couldn't overcome 10 men Arsenal.

The former Derby manager thinks his side can't simply convert their chances and this is somehow hurting them in a big way.

And speaking about hurting, Lampard first-choice striker Tammy Abraham was helped out after the game which shows he might have picked up an injury.

Lampard now hopes that the injury is not for several weeks and their search for a striker continues.

'I hope he's not (out for several weeks), but then if he is then yes, we do have the players to cope,' Lampard said

'But we can't finish,' [Speaking about his side inability to convert their chances during games]

'We get into the box and we could have had three or four goals today. We are having shots, having crosses and lots of 'ooh' moments for the crowd.'

'But we have to be clinical. Do we need to put the ball in the back of the net more? Yes. That's clear. Our chance conversion is one of the worst in the league.'

Lampard also thinks his side lacks the killer instinct for games and that are sometimes nervous.

'When game day comes you have to have the killer instinct,' He added

'We've not got that at the moment. We can't be nervous.'

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