Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Adama never pumps iron - Wolves team-mate Saiss revealed

Adama never pumps iron - Wolves team-mate Saiss revealed, Adama Traore the fastest in Premier league, I do no weighlifting - Adama Traore
The big question keeps pumping up every day if Adama Traore does weightlifting or if he has a separate workout routine.

The Wolves winger physicality is a big threat to every Premier League defender and not just that alone, the Spanish international is also very quick.

This has made fans keep asking if he does weightlifting but the Big guy keeps replying he doesn't. However, his team-mate Saiss has also now revealed that Traore does not do weightlifting and he was even targeted by NFL franchises while he was in Barcelona.

Speaking with RMC Sport, Saiss said: ' I see him every day, because we are in the gym together, before or after training.'

'Maybe he has a hidden gym room in his house, but at training, in any case, he never pumps iron, whether it is bench-pressed or otherwise. He is huge and very quick.'

''I remember saying to him: 'You run like an American footballer'. He responded to me that at the time that he played in Barcelona, NFL teams tried to get him to play American football instead, that's how explosive he was.'

'There are people who say that it is not possible, that he cannot be playing football.'

Wolves will hope their strong winger continues his blazing form and they keep fighting to finish in the top 6 of the Premier league table in other to secure a European football spot for next season.

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