Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Wan-Bissaka use to play as a striker - Courtney Senior

Wan-Bissaka is still very humble - Courtney Senior, Wan-Bissaka
Courtney Senior who will be playing against his childhood pal Wan-Bissaka has revealed some details about the Manchester United man.
Wan-Bissaka and Courtney Senior who grew up an also use to play together on the green, opposite the council house in New Addington where Bissaka lived as a kid are set to face each other in the Carabao Cup later tonight.

Speaking with Sunsport, Senior has revealed how humble Wan-Bissaka is and how he still tries to get in touch.

'We’re in the same friendship group. He’s moved to Manchester now so I don’t see him as much. But when he’s down in London we’ll meet up, ' He said

“Even though he’s my friend, I’m still inspired by him.

“Even with the money and all that, he’s still the same person. He’s still humble.

“I saw him the day after the Manchester derby because we went to Winter Wonderland for our Christmas do and the Man Utd boys were there.

Wan-Bissaka in action for Manchester United

'It’ll be good to be back on the pitch against him. We were on the same team before but we’re rivals now!'

Senior also revealed that Wan-Bissaka was a striker when they were playing together and that he is surprised to see him play as a right-back now.

“Aaron was always good. He was one of those flukey strikers who would always get the last touch at goal. I was probably a bit more tricky than him,' He added

“But we were both two of the best in the area. It was good growing up in that environment because it teaches you certain things.

“As a winger, I feel like it helped me. The physicality, playing in cages and greens, and there’s pressure because the older boys expect you to do well because you’re good, even though you’re younger.

“I felt it helped us in the long run.

“It’s very surprising he’s now a right-back. He always used to score a lot of goals and he was quick.”

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