Monday, 16 December 2019

Martial is not giving anything - Ryan Giggs

Former Manchester United player and Legend Ryan Giggs have slam Anthony Martial's performance in the United game against Everton on Sunday.

Martial was a shadow of himself throughout his time on the pitch as he could only manage a shot that was blocked.

Speaking with Premier League, Ryan Giggs has now criticized the France International for his performance. 

'He is talented, and he’s not a bad kid, but the problem he has is that he looks lethargic all the time. He looks casual, as if he’s not bothered,' Giggs said

'When it comes off, and he’s doing brilliant things, you say it just comes naturally. But when it’s not, you think: he’s not running, he’s not trying, he’s not working hard enough, he’s not holding the ball up.'

'So in my eyes, he has to try extra hard because of his persona, because of the way that he moves.'

'But he doesn’t look like he breaks a sweat and when United are chasing a game you want someone to get across the front post – you might not score, but your teammate might score.'

'It’s all these sort of things that you’re not getting off him at the moment.'

'With Mason coming on and doing that, getting in positions to score goals, he [Martial] is going to be under pressure, because he’s not giving you anything defensively and he’s not giving you anything offensively either.'

Do you think Ryan Giggs is right about Anthony Martial's performance? 

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