Sunday, 29 December 2019

Honeymoon doesn't last forever - Frank Lampard warns Mikel Arteta

Honeymoon doesn't last forever - Frank Lampard warns Mikel Arteta, Frank Lampard warns Mikel Arteta, The London derby, Arsenal vs Chelsea

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has warned Arsenal's new coach Mikel Arteta that he shouldn't expect his honeymoon to last forever.

Arsenal takes on Chelsea later today at the Emirate. The match is expected to be a cracker as both clubs really need a win.

However, Frank Lampard has given a warning to Mikel Arteta telling him to enjoy his honeymoon while last and that he should be careful because the fans will demand a lot from him.

'The honeymoon period doesn't go on forever - and it shouldn't do,' Lampard said

'But I think the fans will have a feeling for Arteta and want him to do well as being one of their own.'

Lampard also praises Arteta's appointment and admitted he believes the Arsenal legend can do well as the clubs manager.

'You have to have good people around you,' He added

'Arteta has put his staff together - he knows he'll rely on them. I am sure Pep Guardiola relies on his - I certainly rely on mine.'

'As a player, Mikel seemed to be a leader in whatever teams he played in. It looks he could be well-suited to management.'

'I wish him well - but, obviously, not on Sunday!'

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