Tuesday, 17 September 2019

We have to invest whatever we have - Jürgen Klopp

Jürgen Klopp has revealed what his side need to do ahead of their Uefa Champions League game against Napoli.

The Reds lost in the same fixture last season after conceding a late goal by Lorenzo Insigne at San Paolo.

Klopp is however confident this time around but also believes his side are the under dogs going into the game.

Speaking in a press conference ahead of the game, the German analyse what happened during the game last season and also reveals what his side needs to do during the game.

'We talk a lot about intensity. The Napoli game last season was not intensity. It was an organisation problem,’ Klopp said during the press conference

'We were just not… all the things we do, all the things we tell the boys, it is all about intensity and how much we have to invest, but before that, it is all about information, what do you have to do in these moments?

'Napoli plays a specific style. To make it very simple, we played against them in our defending like they had one No.6 but they had two sixes, the cheeky bastards!

'We knew before [the game]. We told them they had two sixes, but then everyone came too late and that was when it started. We tried to change it in the game and nobody listened and nobody could change. In the end, they were lucky they scored [a late goal] but we were lucky it was only 1-0. It was really this kind of off day.'

Concerning tonight's game, Klopp reveals what his side needs to do.

'We have to invest whatever we have. We cannot play against Napoli deep in your own half, that doesn’t work,’ he continued.'

'So we have to do what we are good at but make sure it fits for Napoli and then we have that chance there but we don’t go there as a favourite.'

'Yes, we won the competition last season but you know it is difficult. They are a very strong side, runner up of Italy two or three years in a row, really close to Juventus this year so it is a really strong team.'

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