Tuesday, 20 August 2019

United don't have a leader out there - Gary Neville

Manchester United legend Gary Neville was not happy with both Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba decision over who was supposed to take the penalty against Wolves yesterday.

Manchester United had the oppourtuniy of going top of the Premier League with a win over Wolves but they couldn't as they could only manage a 1-1 draw.

In the game, United also got a penalty that could have been a chance for them to win the game, both after a brief discussion between Rashford and Paul Pogba with new signing Daniel James also getting involved, Pogba was allowed to take the penalty in which he missed.

Gary Neville is however was furious with the United boys and admitted there was no point of having a debate over who was suppose to take the penalty.

Speaking on Sky Sports Neville let out is frustration:

'Before he actually took the penalty I was fuming. But we've looked back at the penalty that Rashford took last week and he had a long chat with Pogba,' Neveille said

'I'm not sure if Rashford took the penalty off Pogba last week. Why is there a debate? There should never be a debate.'

'Rashford took it last week, take the penalty. There wasn't a leader out there. They couldn't make a decision.'

'Initially, I was fuming with Pogba, typically selfish. But it's weird and something's not right.'

'They should decide in the dressing room who is the penalty taker, it's embarrassing.'

Gary Neville also spoke about Daniel James getting involved in the discussion

'My biggest concern is Daniel James, one of the youngest players on the pitch seems like the biggest leader,' Neville added

'Tonight there was a debate between Daniel James, Pogba and Rashford about who would take  it.'
'Rashford and Pogba had a little chat and there wasn't a decision. It was "mate, you take it".'

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