Tuesday, 6 August 2019

The pressure will always be there - van Dijk message to Harry Maguire

Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk has sent a perfect message to newly signed Manchester United defender Harry Maguire.

Manchester United confirmed the signing of Harry Maguire yesterday from Leicester City and the 26 year old broke van Dijk record of the most expensive defender as he was bought for £80m.

Virgil van Dijk has now wished the England international 'Good Luck' in his new club and also gave him some advice concerning the pressure that comes with being the most expensive defender.

'Good Luck to him. I can't say anything about that [the record] because there was always going to be a time it was going to change,' van Dijk said

'That's the market. He doesn't have any influence on that but I wish him well.'

'The price comes with pressure but it doesn't change too much because you always have pressure at big clubs like Man United. But I wish him well.'

van Dijk also spoke about how he was able to manage the pressure that came with him being the most expensive defender when he signed for Liverpool.

'Just focus on doing what you love to do and play your best game,' He added

'Get your qualities out of the pitch, enjoy your game and don't thinnk about the other things. It is not easy to completely shut off all the pressure.'

'personally, I like to put things in prespective. Quite a lot of things are more important than playing football and what we do, we are blessed.'

'We can do what we love to do and also to play for Liverpool, they are such a big club. You need to enjoy it but the pressure will always be there.'

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