Thursday, 22 August 2019

Romelu Lukaku hits out at Manchester United

New Inter Milan signing Romelu Lukaku has slammed his former club Manchester United for the way he was treated before his move to Seria A.

Lukaku was subject to numerous transfer rumour even before the summer transfer window opened as many media outlet revealed he wasn't needed by the club.

Speaking with LighthartedPodcast, Romelu Lukaku has now come out to slam Manchester United for the way they handled his transfer and how no one was speaking to him about fighting for his position in the club.

' There is fighting for your position and there is also being somewhere where people want you,' He said

'A lot of stuff was said, "Rom is going to go here and they're going to sell him". This went on for weeks and I'm waiting for someone to come out and shut it down.'

'Nobody ever shut it down. It didn't happen. I had a conversation and I told him what I said, better to go our separate ways.'

'I clearly never entertain rumours, I just wanted a little bit of protection. Something like, "Rom just needs to fight for his place".

'It never happened, not in the last four or five months. Most of the time it was "He's going to leave, he's got to go and doesn't deserve to be here".

'Well cool, if it's like that, I wanna go now.'

Lukaku also went ahead to reveal he spoke with United coach Ole Gunnar Solksjaer and the club while in America that he wanted to leave.

'It doesn't matter if you're on the bench or starting if they had told me I'm cool, just fight for your place,' He continued

'That's cool because you're a competitor. I thought for two or three weeks. You see all this shit leaked to the media.'

'Who leaks it? Not me. Not my agent. We see it all the time.'

'I told him it's better not to be at a place to be where I'm not wanted.'

'Find a guy who fits your system, so I'm not the culprit all the time. If they believed they would have told me to fight for my place.'

'Because we're not stupid. We know some people at the top will leak stuff. I told them we couldn't work like this.'

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