Monday, 5 August 2019

He is not making Pre-run - Robin van Persie

Arsenal legend and former Manchester United player Robin van Persie has given his critics concerning how Divock Origi plays and his rating in the game against  Manchester City.

Origi started in place of absent Sadio Mane in Liverpool game against Manchester City yesterday and RVP believes the 24-year should have done better in the game.

Doing his job as a pundit on BT Sport, RVP highlighted the part in which Origi was struggling and also stated how the Champions League winner could improve himself.

'If you compare him with [Raheem] Sterling, for example, if you compare his runs, he's [Origi] not choosing his runs at the right time,' Van Persie reveal

'He's  not making the pre-run, you have to make a change of direction at one point, you have to go and hurt them.'

'You have to make a short run of a couple of metres towards your right and then ends up diagonal on your left side to make space for your colleagues as well, or maybe get the ball.'

'In the first half, he had a couple of chances where he could've used that and he didn't take them.'

'Sterling, for example, is finding the space and he's creating it for himself.'

'There's no book about it, it's just your feeling and sense of space, where you have to be.'

'you have to end up in behind somewhere to hurt them.'

'You have to constantly scan during the game, where's my opponent, where's my teammate and based on that you use your feeling.'

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