Monday, 29 July 2019

We will be a different animal next week - Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool hasn't had the best of Pre-season so far and yesterday's 3-0 defeat to Napoli sums up another nightmare for the last season's UEFA Champions League winner.

However, speaking in a press conference after the game against Napoli, Klopp revealed the club will be a different animal by next week and they will be ready for Manchester City.

'Missing six players is strange. That you lose players during a pre-season, we are used to - that happened from time to time,' Klopp said

'But that they don't start from the beginning and come a couple of days before or after we start with the season is not cool. Again, that's how it is and we prepared everybody as good as possible.'

'We have to fight the start of the season 100 per cent with all we have. The good thing is, if the opponents want to analyse us now, they think 'easy Job', but we will be a different animal next week.'

'I think the worst thing that could have happened is if we had won all the games without the six players - 4-0 or 5-0 against Napoli and Sevilla, then everybody would be flying from last year and into the new season, then geting the problems in the season. That would have been the worst thing,' He continued

'But between the worst thing and that now would have been a few levels I would have preferred. I knew before we started that it would be exceptionally difficult because of the situation.'

'We have to adapt to a few things and we have to create a specific spirit. For this, we have a week's time.'

'For the first time since the Champions League final, we have 99 per cent of the squad tomorrow [Monday]. Only Sadio is missing then, and that's the moment we really start talking and preparing a couple of things and then we have to go again.'


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