Sunday, 7 July 2019

He Is No More A Red.

Manchester United Legend Wayne Rooney may have anger United fans after the recent comment and advise he gave to United's transfer target.

 Manchester United have been trying to sign Borussia Dortmund star man Jadon Sancho despite the club revealing that the England international is not for sale.

During a recent interview with German sport news outlet Bild, Wayne Rooney was asked about what he thinks about Manchester United pursue of Jadon Sancho, the former United man point out his view about the transfer and also gave a piece of advice to Sancho.

However, the advice might not be pleasing to some United Fans as Rooney actually advised Sancho not to join the club.

Below is Rooney's comment:

'Dortmund is a great club with great fans, they trust their young players and you can see that in Sancho and the progress he has made in the last 12 months,' Rooney said

'Now Jadon has to ask himself whether he would get the playing time he gets in Dortmund when he moves to England, or would he just sit on the bench?

'Playing time is so important for a young player like Jadon, so if he gets the most playing time in Dortmund, he should stay there.'

What do you think about Rooney's advise to Sancho?

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  1. Rooney is obviously right
    Man u should consider premier league players than kinds of Sancho
    Buy Aub from Arsenal.. our dreams will come true