Friday, 5 July 2019

Frank Lampard already have the perfect replacement for Eden Hazard.

Chelsea new boss Frank Lampard is quick to point out he already has the perfect replacement for Eden Hazard who signed for Real Madrid last week.

Before Frank Lampard, talked about Eden Hazard replacement, the Chelsea Legend praised Hazard's impact in the club and reveal the Belgium international is a great player.

Frank Lampard has this to say during his press conference:

'From the outside, and I wasn't here at the time - but it seemed like something that was important to Eden personally. I think the club and fans respected that.' He said

' He left on a very good note as a Chelsea Fan and someone who with him and watched from afar he gave this club such great times individually in his input. We were thankful he was here.'

'It's not one to dwell on. He's gone. We wish him well. He's a great player. It's important now what we do and how we take the club forward.'

Speaking about how to replace the Belguim International, Frank Lampard said

'You losed a great player of course but then how do you get around that? You work on the team.'

'You look around at what you do have and what we have is already a very strong squad and young players at a really good age that have, not just potential, some of them have already shown it in the first team, but have the talent to I won't say fill Eden Hazard's boots, he's very unique, but we have players that in their own way can be huge players.'

' Some already are huge players and some that can get even better.'

'Part of my job now will be to get that out of them and develop the great young players we have here.'

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