Saturday, 15 June 2019

We're a Family - Phil Neville

England boss Phil Neville who was seen consoling Fran Kirby after their win against Argentina as spoken out about the team.

Fran Kirby who played on the anniversay of her late mother's birthday was emotional after the game and was in tears following the win against Argentina.

Phil Neville has now revealed that the team are one family and we share both happiness and sadness with each other.

'We're family. We were aware today that it was Fran's mother's birthday. It's been well documented, her love and her affection that she has for her mother and how much she misses her,' Neville said

'Then Carly Telford lost her mother this year as well. Carly made her World Cup debut today after being in many, many a World Cup squad and many, many a European Championship squad and never actally getting on the pitch.'

'I think in the huddle at the end, we made reference to the fact that we hope that their two mums were looking down on them and were very proud of their performances. I thought Fran was outstanding tonight.'

'We help each other. Today's been really an emotional day because Fran is a special person who misses her mum. So does Craly Telford.'


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