Sunday, 2 June 2019

The quality of the game was not good - Jose Mourinho

Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has slammed the quality of the Champions League Final between Tottenham and Liverpool.

The Champions League final was played at a low pace and many think the game was a little bit boring.

Mohamed Salah opening the scoring for Liverpool in the 2nd minute of the game following a handball from Moussa Sissoko in the box 18. Divock Origi also came on as a subsituted and completed the victory for Liverpool in the 87th minute.

However, Jose Mourinho believed the game wasn't of the best quality and also indicated Jurgen Klopp went for a more compact and defensive tactics.

Jose Mourinho was not alone in the studio when he was analysing the game, is long time rival Arsene Wenger was also in the studio. Following Wenger analysis of the game, Mourinho begin his:

'Basically, it's that. Mr. Wenger is speaking about two set-pieces and I can add three shots on target in 90 minutes and two goals.'

'I think the three midfield players of Liverpool, if we're going to see a wave of their positioning, they played on a straight line in front of the back four.'

'You don't remember Henderson, Wijnaldum, Fabinho, Milner to be close to the three attacking players to have one arrival in the box. Nothing.'

'They stayed with a block of seven, they were very pragmatic, they were very solid defensively.'

'And when Tottenham managed to do something and create something, the player who was missing last season [the goalkeeper] was there today.'

'He [Alisson] was not phenomenal, he didn't have five, six, seven, eight saves, but he had a couple of saves which stopped Tottenham drawing.'

'I think that if this match was not Champions League final, if it's a Premier League match, the final of the League Cup, we would all say the game was not good.'

'Because it's a Champions League final it has this emotional side of it, that every Champions League final becomes a special match.'

'But the quality of the game was not good. I think Tottenham has to be frustreated because they lost, but not just that, but they feel better than this.'

'And it's in the big moment you have to be at your best level.'

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