Friday, 24 May 2019

Hazard will want to win the Europa League - Jose Mourinho

Chelsea and Former Manchester United Boss Jose Mourinho have revealed he expects Eden Hazard to move to Real Madrid and he also indicates that the Belgian will love to win the Europa League.

It's no more a rumour that the Belgian will be joining Real Madrid as Chelsea has already reveal that they won't stand on his way if he wants to leave.

Hazard is however yet to annouce that he will be leaving the club after the Europa Legaue Final.

Speaking with Sky Sports, Jose Mourinho talks about Eden Hazard move to Madrid and also talks about Arsenal chances in winning the Europa League.

'It looks like it is the last match in blue for Eden Hazard,' Mourinho said

'He is a player that was crucial for Chelsea's success in this last generation and Eden also will try to be what he is the majority of the time - a fantastic player on the pitch.'

'He will want to win and possibly go to Real Madrid with a last trophy for Chelsea,'

Morinho also spoke about the pressure on Arsenal going into the Europa League Final as they need to win the game to qualify for next season Champions League.

'More pressure on Arsenal because they want the Champions League spot for next season,' Mourinho continue

'They play for many millions so more pressure on the Arsenal side.' 

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