Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Goals should be made smaller - Chelsea Manager

Chelsea Manager and cup double winner Emma Hayes has called for the goals in women's game to be made smaller.

The outstanding Chelsea coach state alot of reasons why she thinks the goals should be made smaller and also point out the physical differences between each gender.

Hayes spoke about the issue while speaking with BT Sport:

'If I took a male player and a female player and I asked them to run 10 yards, more often than not, though that's changing, the male player would get there quicker than a female player,' She said

'If the male player and female player were to be in standing positions and both jump, the range for a male is going to be greater than that of a woman. So you think where's its relevance?

'Well, first it would be in goalkeeping for example. There is often a criticism about goal keeping in the women's game, I would argue that the goal is just a little bit too big.'

'If it was built around our physical differences then would be talking about goalkeepers as opposed to exposing them.'

'Rather than mirror everything we take from the men's game, we have to adapt it to our own sport and our physical expectations as well as the tactical implications.'

'It's the mind-set that has to change, and once it starts to change, there is a realisation that the sport has its own differences because, more often than not, everyone coming into our game is coming from the men's game or other sports.'

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